Add the ultimate mathematically unhackable security software layer that will protect your data in the cloud.

Everyone's sensitive data in the cloud is at risk! Quantum computers will have the processing power to break the classical encryption codes that now secure your files, healthcare and financial records, your corporate or personal confidential documents.

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How it Works

We designed our revolutionary cybersecurity layer with an innovative patented approach

Multi-Layer Data Protection Approach

A process on the client-side that begins by applying AES 256-bit encryption to the user’s original data set and then performing All-or-Nothing transform. Finally,’s proprietary Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) is applied to the output to produce multiple slices of random data sets that is effectively hack-proof or “theoretically secure”.

Private.Me Proprietary IDA

Our Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) is the next-generation cryptosystem that is “theoretically secured” and extremely efficient. The output IDA data sets are indistinguishable from random data sets and therefore mathematically impossible to penetrate. Your data is fully protected when the three data sets are in transit separately and when they are at rest stored separately at three remote locations. Our IDA process is transparent and can be audited by third parties at any time.

Redundancy and Secure Retrieval Assurance

In the event that a sliced data set is unavailable for retrieval or it has retrieved a corrupt payload, the original data remains safe. In order to re-create the original data set, a minimum threshold (2 out of 3 slices) is required to be reassembled to re-create the original data set. To protect each data set, the platform leverages Kerberos based authentication system in four “realms” or independent authentication authorities - central server plus the three storage nodes. To ensure none of the four services can retrieve a threshold of slices, a series of sophisticated cryptographic safeguards are kept in place. Please ask for our whitepaper for more information.

Protection from Third Party Remote Storage Admins

Our technology is ideal for scenarios wherein an organization has cloud storage needs but prefers not to extend full trust to a third-party remote data storage provider for safekeeping and access control enforcement. Our algorithm provides assurance against even a server system administrator compromising the data. This user protection extends to three areas: denial of legitimate access, tampering, and unauthorized decryption.

Use Cases


Cloud Saas Model

Secure your cloud service for your customers! Build on our hackproof backend storage and cummunication platform. Our API makes it easy to preconnect to your existing application.

Turnkey Model

Secure your cloud service for your customers! Build on our hackproof backend storage and communication platform. Our API makes it easy to connect to your existing application.

Licensing Model

Deploy it on your private cloud infrastructure with complete autonomy. This solution is ideal for Storing highly classified data.

Licensing Hybrid Model

A hybrid model by combining your private cloud infrastructure with a public cloud provider such as Amazon AWS. It achieves the same level of security as private cloud deployment but can be more economical upfront.

For Developers

Build on our hackproof backend storage and communication platform. Our API makes it easy to connect your existing application to working with all top storage providers.

Case Study:

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Protect your seed phrases against loss, fire and theft uses XOR-based Information Dispersal Algorithm (XOR-IDA) to create a set of cryptographic QR codes. These QR codes store confidential data such as crypto wallet seed phrases, private keys, or any critical passwords. This unique approach to offline storage is the only solution to simultaneously protect against loss, fire, and theft.

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